H ayat Palace is a premium-class, residential complex with the highest living standards and is a perfect embodiment of Azerbaijani architectural style with Italian furnishing. This project may rightly be acclaimed as one of the best examples of a contemporary residence in neoclassical style with elements of Italian baroque. Its facade is embellished with the subtlest of stone engraving that highlights the texture of this natural material. Panoramic windows shed light and breathe air into the building, and exquisite ornamentation enlivens the facade with the play of sunlight. Columns and a lattice of light colours reminiscent of the Renaissance also decorate the frontage. The combination of natural materials and style bestows a monumentalism on the project that takes us back to the Golden Age of Baku architecture and underlines its kinship with the European culture of urban development. The project focuses on its internal landscaping. A gorgeous Italian-style patio within a leisure zone also impresses. The Hayat Palace residential complex has been created for the most demanding customers. You will enjoy your every day there. Beauty, comfort and privacy are principal elements of the Hayat Palace residential complex.
  • 70 apartments in total
  • 5 blocks, 20 lifts with direct access to apartments
  • High ceilings - 4.2 m.
  • Double view apartments
  • Facade with elements of Italian baroque
  • Italian patio
  • Two-storey underground parking
  • Two parking spaces per apartment
  • Five-star hotel service
  • Residential fitness club and Spa zone
  • 25-metre Olympic pool
  • Depending on the apartments’ space there is one parking place for 2 or 3 cars
  • Located in a prestigious area of the city
  • Well-developed social and domestic infrastructure
    Hayat Palace is a 10-floor, 5-block residential complex designed in Italian palazzo style. The building houses 70 apartments, 10 of which are exclusive, two-floor penthouses.
    Constructed with modern technology, high-quality materials and fitted with equipment from both international and domestic manufacturers. Original style, the façade in a palette of light colours suffuses warmth and cosiness throughout, evoking the noble luxury and solemnity of neoclassicism.
    German company VITRALUX (triple-glazed windows) provides the window frames. The VITRALUX window frames, which are of high quality and aesthetics, are made of hardwoods and externally lined with a protective aluminum profile. The residents of apartments will be able to choose the interior decoration of the frames (natural wood), provided by the company.
    The complex is equipped with 20 modern lifts whose cabins are silent, speedy and individually furnished. Each of the 5 blocks is equipped with two lifts providing direct access to apartments. Lifts operate from the basement parking area.
    Two-storey underground parking is equipped with access control and CCTV. The both storeys of parking are accessed via lifts that rise to residential levels in each of the 5 blocks.
    The complex will be equipped with cable and digital TV systems, broadband Internet and telephone line.
    Air conditioning and a supply-and-exhaust ventilation system provides fresh air to the apartments. The modern heating system offers temperature control for a comfortable environment.
    The modern fire safety system includes smoke protection, fire alerts, automatic fire extinguishing and signalization system. The whole complex is equipped with external and internal fire line.
    CCTV systems are installed in the building perimeter, underground parking and common areas for added security.
    H ayat Palace offers a combination of facilities: prestigious location, park area, open-plan layout, through apartments, ceilings 4.2 m high, a facade in an architectural style of the early 1900s.

    The use of natural stone in the facade adds expression to the complex’s classical outline and detail.
    H ayat Palace offers a combination of facilities: prestigious location, park area, open-plan layout, through apartments, ceilings 4.2 m high, a facade in an architectural style of the early 1900s.

    Full decoration of the facade is made of fiber-reinforced concrete. The cover of the building - professional facade paint (Japan, 25 years of warranty).The company will provide residents with floor coverings on balconies and terraces made of tiles. The balconies’ delicate railings give the building a light and airy appearance. The windows open onto magnificent views of the city and Izmir Avenue. The complex’s architectural concept creates a cosy environment for life and leisure. A pleasant addition is the luxurious design and high quality furnishing in the reception and lounge area, with access to an Italian-style patio for residents.

    The architectural solution of the cosy Italian-style patio creates an environment for leisure: landscape design, greenery and comfortable benches embellish the pleasant atmosphere. The inner area is car-free. 20 lifts are on hand to service residents. Rising in a silent lift to the floor with direct access to your apartment is a unique concept, implemented only in Hayat Palace. A further advantage is the five-star hotel service - and here it is: the perfect residence in downtown Baku.
    T he monumental beauty of the Hayat Palace residential complex recalls the Golden Age of Architecture and the palazzo. The 5-block, 10-storey complex is in unified architectural style with a luxurious patio. 70 apartments in all. And all are bright and fresh, thanks to the 4.2 m high ceilings. The first two floors are dedicated to social and domestic facilities. Floors 3-9 have apartments with floor areas from 218 to 548 sq.m. 10th floor is for penthouses with floor areas from 201 to 438 sq.m. and high ceilings up to 6 metres. The penthouse layout is truly limitless, internal staircases allow for the creation of a totally exclusive, luxurious space. All windows in the residential complex are panoramic, with French balconies. Allowing in extra light and visually expanding the interior space, they provide endless opportunities to create a variety of interior designs. The open-plan layout, high ceilings and generous floor area allow unlimited and unusual layout solutions. According to the requirements of future residents, apartments and penthouses may be offered on a turnkey basis with individual design projects embracing the taste and style preferences of the most sophisticated customer.
    T he complex’s internal infrastructure is designed specifically for residents to maintain a comfortable way of life and provide privacy within a noisy megalopolis. It is a well-developed area with CCTV on the perimeter, a security guard service and access control. The first two floors of the complex will house social and domestic facilities: a luxurious reception with 9.0m. ceiling, lounge area, beauty salon, shops, fitness club and Spa zone, a kids’ club, the fashionable "GARDEN" café, with direct access to an Italian-style patio whose landscape design almost forms a natural park. The more the complex is settled, the more shops will be available to supply goods and services to Hayat Palace residents. The 2-storey underground parking has every security facility. Underground parking is directly accessible via a lift from any floor.
    The Fitness club and spa area includes two fitness rooms with sports equipment; with sections for men and women. Both men's and women's sections of the complex have: a gym for individual or group workouts, a gym with workout equipment, changing rooms, shower rooms, WCs and leisure rooms. This expansive fitness area with up-to-date sports equipment is open only to residents of the complex.
    A cosy spa zone includes: a luxurious spa salon with a wide range of health and cosmetic procedures, hydro-massage baths, dry and wet saunas, a sports gym, workout rooms and a comfortable leisure zone.
    A pool is a facility that perfectly combines health, physical exercise, joy, pleasure and beauty. The 25-metre Olympic pool with crystal-clear water and state-of-the-art equipment will help residents relax, relieve stress and raise their mood.
    The project focuses on its interior landscaped area. The architecture of the cosy Italian patio inclines one to rest, with wrought benches, lanterns and greenery. The plants are selected to ensure maximum green cover for the maximum period. The interior area is car-free. Decorative backlighting is envisaged for the evenings.
    It is planned to open the "GARDEN" Italian cafe on the first floor of the residential complex. This will be a club-type cafe for cosy chats and friendly meetings over a cup of aromatic coffee. A pleasant feature of the "GARDEN" cafe will be access to the luxurious Italian-style patio. Every morning residents of the complex are invited to enjoy a buffet breakfast. Sunday brunch is a wonderful excuse to come together with family or friends. This may well become a pleasant tradition for residents of the Hayat Palace residential complex.
    For young residents of the complex a kids’ club is planned where every child will find something interesting and entertaining.