E stablished in 2002 and distinguished for its progressive and innovative ideas, the YENI HAYAT Group of Companies LLC is rightly recognised for its remarkable projects in Azerbaijan’s construction market. Its top priority is to provide the customer with the full range of services in real estate purchase. The YENI HAYAT Group of Companies LLC has rich experience in the application of innovative technologies from its cooperation with many European companies.

The main criteria in project implementation for the YENI HAYAT Group of Companies LLC are high quality and accurate engineering calculations. Every project of the YENI HAYAT Group of Companies LLC creates high quality, comfort and a wonderful living space.

Today the YENI HAYAT Group of Companies LLC implements such popular projects as Yeni Hayat Residence, Yeni Hayat Plaza, Grand Hayat, Azure Complex and Hayat Palace.

One of the company’s goals is to establish new living standards for residents of the city. The company's creed - quality, design, successful localization and comprehensive approach - is manifested in each project.

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T he port city of Baku is the cultural, industrial and political capital of Azerbaijan located on the western coast of the Caspian Sea, in a bay of the same name, on the southern coast of the oil-rich Absheron peninsula.

Baku is one of the world’s most beautiful and amazing cities and is located at a crossroads between Europe and Asia. Here the curtain of a national theatre was raised for the first time in the Muslim East, the first opera was staged, the first Azerbaijani newspaper was published and the first Azerbaijani library was opened. Baku is the cultural and industrial centre of Azerbaijan.

The word "Baku" originates from the Persian expression "bad kube", which means "windblown".

Its centuries-long history is visible in its medieval showpieces. On the other hand, it is today a rapidly growing megalopolis with shining skyscrapers and unique monuments of the 21st century.

Virtually all downtown buildings are witnesses of a great history. Until the present, they have held the family secrets of oil tycoons like the Taghiyevs, Nobels, Naghiyevs and Asadullayevs. All the city’s architectural monuments are dated, restored and protected by the state.

Baku is called the Paris of the East. There is an eclectic architecture here - classical, baroque, Empire-style, Stalin-style, constructivist and modern. The seaside boulevard that extends along many kilometres of the seashore with its aisles and pathways, is a favourite leisure resort for city residents. Neftchiler (Oil Workers) Avenue runs along much of the present-day boulevard.

Baku is a city to which you wish to return again and again.
H ayat Palace is in a cosy location within a park zone in a prestigious and most favoured area of Baku on Izmir Avenue, opposite the Hyatt Regency Baku International Hotels, a ten-minute drive from downtown and the capital’s main shopping area; a 5-minute drive from government offices. Good location, excellent transport access, and rich, diverse infrastructure make the Hayat Palace residential complex the perfect place for a comfortable and active life.